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ι Made in Germany: Küchen Loesch

Rosenthal TAC 21 Kuechenloesch © 2013

Do you need something special  for your dinner table or your kitchen? My favorite Küchen Loesch in Nuremberg has it! This regional institution, founded 1867,  offered its key clients a theme evening titled Quality “Made in Germany”. Ob Teller, Tasse, Topf oder Deckel, mein Favorit Küchen Loesch in Nürnberg hat es!  Das 1867 gegründete Familienunternehmen bot seinen Stammkunden am Donnerstag Abend unter dem Motto Qualität “Made in Germany” einen informativen und vergnüglichen Einblick in handwerkliches Können mit ausgezeichnetem Design. Herr Wendelin von Boch-Galhau, Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrates der Villeroy & Boch AG, Herr Oliver Berking, Silbermanufaktur Robbe & Berking, und Herr Harald Wüsthof, Wüsthof Kochmesser Solingen stellten ihre Manufakturen persönlich vor.  Read More

ι good hair day

good hair day ©

Today I will try to answer Márlenas question how to find a hairdresser you can trust! For some people it´s  a never ending tragedy – they just don´t find their personal hairstyler. And may be it´s not their own fault. It´s like a curse.  For this  I have no answer. Luckily some are in gooood hands. Like me. I just looooove my dear Katharina. For more than six years I regularly sit on her dressing stool and juuuust reeeelaaaax. Because I trust her. And that´s the whole thing. It´s all about chemistry. It´s not only that we found the perfect colour mix to give my hair the young attitude it Read More

ι sleeping beauty

sleeping beauty 17 ©

Shhhhhh… look what I found in the heart of our city! Only a bucket full of gold would awake this sleeping beauty. This lovely estate is situated within 200 m distance from our famous Castle. We will have more photos in summer 2013, when the lady put on her green dress! P.S. The windows are bright and clean, the garden is freshly raked – just the cash must be all gone a loooong time ago… Note: just click once on a photo and then slice through the gallery. ©

ι teach me baby

teach me baby 8 ©

Back to school? Yeah! Today our little rabbit joined the open day at his prospective basic school in our district. And we were allowed to accompany him. So here are some snapshots of  a german basic school from the inside  ; )  Note: Turn on the music. Than just click once on a photo  below to make it bigger and slice through the gallery.   ©

ι blonde catastrophe


Bad hair day – we all know this phenomenon. But what comes worse, are the weird hair colours. They shine from yellowblonde to greenbrown, and some ladies or gentlemen don´t seem to be aware of their coloured mess… Wenn ich jetzt noch eine Bommelmütze mit Fellbommel oder, noch schlimmer, eine Häkelmütze in Neonfarben sehe, fang ich an zu weinen. Dafür kommt nun langsam zum Vorschein, was über die Wintermonate häufig bedeckt blieb: unser Haupthaar (oder was davon übrig geblieben ist). Seltsam, die Haare leuchten in den schlimmsten Verfärbungen, ohne daß es die Träger zu stören scheint. Das jüngste Beispiel saß gestern abend in der ersten Reihe: seine Haartönung hatte einen Read More

ι Marina Rinaldi spring collection 2013


Good news, Ladies: you don´t have to starve anymore to fit in your clothes. Just visit Marina Rinaldi! Yesterday I followed their kind invitation and visited the presentation of the spring collection 2013 in Nürnberg. MR offers curvy ladies a high quality choice for every age and occasion: The Senior Lady finds flowerpower, of course in silk. But also her daughter gets happy, with a beautiful silvergrey gown, of course in silk too ; ) And try on MR shoes: like everything here they are made in Italy and are perfectly fitting!   photo © Marina Rinaldi 2013 ©  

ι today: international women´s day

Vogue street-style-paris_v980x485

Look it up: here you can find a UN-list of “International Days“. There are dozens. Today´s International Women´s Day lists facts up which show: it´s an important day! So, Ladies, dress up and be happy and proud of being women. Did you know, an International Men´s Day is existing too since 2012!  Boys, your Day is the 19th of November. It´s a mans world, but it would be nothing without a woman or a girl!James Brown sang this already in the 60´, but this one, though not complete, is great performed, don´t you think? photocredit: VogueOnline ©    

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