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ι lucky girl


off and awaaaaaaay ! I´m a lucky girl in the beautiful sun of Italia. Will be a bit quiet on dieblauenstunden the next days due to missing internet access  in parts of this looooovely island Sicilia. If possible somehow I will give you an exclusive insight of our not planned totally spontaneous escape to the mediterranean sea. Until then I send you summer kisses and wish you a weekend with  a lot of golden sun and bluuuue sky, stay tuned XXX JL      

ι handbags paradise

vogue style blog premium-charity.jpg_v650xx

Guess where it is! The paradise on earth for handbags? Respectively THE paradise for handbag-victims, handbag-lovers, handbag-fashionistas? TATATATAAAAH: le 16. arrondissement de Paris en France, c´est ca, Voilá!! OK, OK, we have more than one paradise for handbags on this planet, I know. But what I´ve seen last week on a normal friday morning between 9 and 12 a.m. on the streets between La Muette  and Trocadero really made my folish heart go stronger. My incomplete counting list: 4 x “Falabellas” (Stella McCartney) 8 x Balenciaga “classic city tote” in all colours 4 x “large veneta” by Bottega Veneta 4 x Jimmy Choo “Solar L Leather Hobo Bag” 4 x Read More

ι asia in paris: musée guimet

musée guimet: tibet. JL 2013

One of Paris quiet and inspiring places I highly recommend is the Musée Guimet (Musée national des Arts asiatiques-Guimet, Metro: Place d´Iéna / 16. Arr). An impressive collection of buddhas and other mystic statues from f. e. Japan, Tibet, China, Afghanistan, Cambodscha and India takes you on a ride through centuries of grand Asian art. The meditative statues, beautiful drawings and stunning works of art pieces create an inspiring atmosphere, where your mind cools down and relaxes. My photos are taken without flash or tripod and are unedited.  The faces of statues were my focus. The individual dimensions of the different statues are of course not visible in the pictures, Read More

ι paris impressions

paris Benoit Merci JL 2013

A glance of my latest trip to Paris and some of my highlights this time. Salvador Dali at the Centre Pompidou: an awesome exhibition, hopelessly crowded. Would take me at least two further visits to appreciate the whole show. Shopping for dinner and enjoying the Parisians food style. My first visit to the Musée Guimet: a stunning collection of asian art, a must go. Impressions will follow in a separate post. A shadow of me and the beautiful domicile of my friends: The very catholic private school around the corner says Au Revoir et Merci to Papa : ) Oh Paris, je t´aime beaucoup XXX   ©     Read More

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