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ι handbags paradise

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Guess where it is! The paradise on earth for handbags? Respectively THE paradise for handbag-victims, handbag-lovers, handbag-fashionistas? TATATATAAAAH: le 16. arrondissement de Paris en France, c´est ca, Voilá!! OK, OK, we have more than one paradise for handbags on this planet, I know. But what I´ve seen last week on a normal friday morning between 9 and 12 a.m. on the streets between La Muette  and Trocadero really made my folish heart go stronger. My incomplete counting list: 4 x “Falabellas” (Stella McCartney) 8 x Balenciaga “classic city tote” in all colours 4 x “large veneta” by Bottega Veneta 4 x Jimmy Choo “Solar L Leather Hobo Bag” 4 x Read More

ι zurich airport delay: time for dresscode studies


Have been away and had a lot of things to do. In the meantime I survived two delays (due to the snowy weather) in zurich airport. One time filler was a little study about international dress codes. The main focus was on our males. Just happened so. Maybe next time I will study the female code. It´s fascinating, how a nationality can be identified in milliseconds just because of its typical outfit. Zweimal saß ich die letzten Tage am Zürcher Flughafen fest, inklusive Umbuchung wegen schlechten Wetters… Zeit genug jedenfalls, um sich mal ein bißchen umzuschauen. Es ist doch faszinierend, das man bestimmte Nationalitäten innerhalb von Zehntelsekunden an ihrem typischen Read More

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