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ι handbags paradise

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Guess where it is! The paradise on earth for handbags? Respectively THE paradise for handbag-victims, handbag-lovers, handbag-fashionistas? TATATATAAAAH: le 16. arrondissement de Paris en France, c´est ca, Voilá!! OK, OK, we have more than one paradise for handbags on this planet, I know. But what I´ve seen last week on a normal friday morning between 9 and 12 a.m. on the streets between La Muette  and Trocadero really made my folish heart go stronger. My incomplete counting list: 4 x “Falabellas” (Stella McCartney) 8 x Balenciaga “classic city tote” in all colours 4 x “large veneta” by Bottega Veneta 4 x Jimmy Choo “Solar L Leather Hobo Bag” 4 x Read More

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